MySpace MP3 player

Customize your MP3 player and put it on your MySpace profile.

How To Use The MySpace Mp3 Player Generator

1. First, Figure Out What Songs You Want On Your Player.
2. Then upload your songs to Fileden.com
(You Have To Register With A Working E-Mail Account Before You Can Upload.)
3. Then, They Should Give You A Code In A Box, Copy Only The URL's Starting With 'http://' And Ending With '.mp3'. Note: Only The .mp3 Extension Works With This Player.
4. After That, Paste The URL In The 'Track Numbers URLs:'.
5. Finally, Put A Name For Your Song (Will Show Up On Player) In The Box Labeled, 'Title/Artist:'
6. Repeat Those Steps For More Songs, And Everything Else Is easy!
7. Copy and Paste your Flash MP3 player code into your profile.

Tip: When placing the code on your profile put <br> around it to create line breaks and center the image by putting <center> above and </center> below the code!

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